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We founded in 2005 in Tuzla , İstanbul/Turkey, produces oils for automotive and industrial fields since 15 years in accordance with National and International standarts. Our factory, In addition to its own brands, launched its last brand KRAFTMAX. Also makes production for private branding and several international companies as contract manufacturing. In total, we export more than 65 countries in 4 continents; Africa, Asia, Europe and America.

We located in a land of 12.000 m2 in Istanbul - TURKEY and has 6000 m2 closed area on the board of facilities. We provide serve to the mineral oil industry with expert staff , modern manufacturing facility and modern management approach , qualified staff and modern , full-fledged spacious laboratory apporunities.

We have contract laboratory certificates from Turkish Standarts Institute and our quality control laboratory is accredited by TURKAK. Also our company has ISO 9001,ISO 14001,ISO 16949 and OHSAS 18001 quality and enviromental management systems.In our quality policy our primary goal is follow up the innovations of the technological activities, updating informations and to improve control methods by following appropriate policies to realiability , honestly,independence,impartiality and confidentially principles.

Company Over View

Quality for Automative service.